ROME INTERVIEWS - A319/320/321 Captain and FO VOR Holdings | Beijing-Beijing-China

Date Posted: May 25 2018
Job Category: Pilot
Job Type: Contract

VOR Holdings will conduct interviews in Rome, Italy during the first week of July for A320 Captains and First Offices to fly in Asia. VOR Holdings provides crewmembers to 35 airlines in Asia.

Annual compensation ranges up to $312,000 USD with work schedules ranging from 6 months off per year to residence programs.

Minimum requirements:

Under 63 for Males and under 58 for Females (airline requirement)

Captains: 3000 TT and 500 PIC hours in A319/320/321

First Officers: 1000 TT and >500 hours in A319/320/321 (PICUS not counted)

Contact us to schedule your interview. Airline personnel will be present.

Admission to the interviews will require an invitation with code number that will be emailed to you. To receive your pass, please send the following information.

Given Names: _____________
Surnames: _____________
Email Address: _____________
Phone Number: _____________
(include country code)

Current Aircraft Type: ________
PIC Hours on Current Aircraft: ____
SIC Hours on Current Aircraft: ____

Contact us at to schedule your interview

Contact: Nazgul
Apply online:
Phone: +8613522333448

VOR  Holdings Logo

About VOR Holdings

Company Location: Beijing-Beijing-CH

VOR Holdings - the largest pilot leasing company in China, we supply over 20 Airlines in China that offer a wide range of work and pay options over $300,000 USD per year with taxes paid in China by the airlines. The company has full time resources to not only get you an assignment in China, but to support you throughout your assignment. VOR Holdings has support personnel in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Hainan and Guangzhou to help you and/or your family with your needs throughout your assignment.

When you choose VOR Holdings, you're choosing a team with dedicated experienced aviation professionals whose focus is to streamline the application process, get you placed with an Airline, and then provide you continuing support throughout your assignment.

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