ATR 72 Type Rating Instructor / Examiner Titan Aviation | Mumbai-India

Date Posted: Jan 29 2017
Job Category: Pilot
Job Type: Contract

Candidates interested in applying for these positions should meet the following minimum requirements:
1) Current and valid ATR-72 TRI/TRE type rating
2) Total flying time of 4,500 hours
3) 1,250 PIC hours on type with a minimum of 50 hrs Instructional on type 4) Last flight on the ATR-72 as a TRE/TRI must be within the last 1 year
5) Candidates up to the age of 63 are welcome
6) No history of accidents or incidents
7) Contract term is 4 years and renewable attractive salary!!!

Please see general terms below:
1) Basic USD $9700-10,200 Tax free per month PLUS bonus USD 6,600 per year
2) Housing allowance of USD 2000 Tax free per month
3) 8 weeks ON 2 weeks OFF roster with tickets to home base and back
4) Transportation while on duty
5) Leave Travel- 15 days annual leave with tickets to home base and back
6) Medical and insurance provided

When applying, please note the following information in the BODY OF YOUR EMAIL:
2) The date of your last ATR 72 PC (PPC)

Contact: Titan Aviation
Apply online:
Phone: +97142989550

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About Titan Aviation

Company Location: Dubai-TC

Promoted by aviation professionals, Titan Aviation offers a wide array of services, including Aircraft Management, Aircraft Chartering, Aircraft Sales and Lease, Aviation HR and Flight Clearances and Permits.

Built on strong business ethos of Trust, Value and Service, Titan stands out for its responsiveness and transparent business practices. The company is one of its kind offering such highly skilled and professional service at a very competitive cost.

Our team consists of aviation professionals, covering all categories of the industry including General, Corporate and Commercial Aviation.

Titan is the only company in the Middle East offering dedicated Aviation HR services. This unit of the company has placed Pilots, Crew members, Examiners & Instructors and Sales/Marketing Managers in the aviation companies across the region.

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