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Date Posted: Nov 18 2016
Job Category: Pilot
Job Type: Contract

Basic Requirements A minimum of 3000 hours total flying time. A minimum of 500 hours pilot in command (P1) on type. Crew member must hold a current and valid ICAO member-state ATPL. Ideally completed a Proficiency Check and medical within 6 months Last flight ideally within 6 months. No history of accidents or incidents. No criminal records. Under 55 years old after commencement of contract
Terms: 4 years, renewable.

Contact: Daniel Bao
Phone: +86-755-82798936
Email: job@huaxun-hk.com

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About Huaxun Aviation Services Co., Ltd.

Company Location: Shenzhen-CH

Huaxun Aviation Services Company Limited(HASCO) was founded and invested by Chinese civil aviation professionals. As flight crew agent, we are committed to be the best partner both with Chinese airlines and the flight crew all over the word. We have many expatriate flight crew flying in different Chinese airlines such as Hainan Airlines, Okay Airways, Beijing Capital Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Deer Jet, BAA, Donghai Airlines, Donghai Jet, etc. They are from Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Georgia, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Phillipine, Singapore, USA, etc. Huaxun Aviation Services Company Limited (HASCO) has established an exceptional reputation with both flights crew and airlines. We will continue to concentrate on civil aviation industry development and strive for solving the human resource bottleneck of Chinese airlines. We are proud of our cooperation relationships with the flight crew from all overt the world. With our assistant, the flight crew willing to work in China will pass through the screening smoothly and adapt to the new life in China as well.

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