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Date Posted: Dec 23 2016
Job Category: Pilot
Job Type: Contract

A320 Captain Direct Entry Captain – Peach Aviation
Live and work in Japan! Commuting Contract, Kansai Base, Non-rated pilots accepted! Please visit our website for more details http://iasco.com/jobopenings.aspx
Expected Start Date: Early 2017. Short and Long Term Contract Options, both with excellent benefits
Compensation: Varies by contract type – please visit our website for details.Commuting Tickets and Employee Fare Travel AvailableVacation / Sick Leave: 20 days / 5 daysHousing and Commuting Allowances AvailableMedical Insurance Available
Schedule: 10 days OFF/month or 16 OFF/2 months
Training: Conducted in Tokyo, accommodation provided.
Qualification Requirements:
4000+ total flight hours
1500+ PIC hours on commercial jets (70+ passenger)
Current or previous airline experience
Current ATPL / 1st Class Medical / ICAO Level 4 English Proficiency
Please see our website for additional details


Contact: Iasco-Global
Apply online: http://iasco.com/jobopenings.aspx
Phone: 12534740497
Email: fcl@iasco-global.com

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